Friday, September 17, 2010

Have you tasted Green Lantern’s Glo Balls?

Day 320

I saw this ad in a magazine on Wednesday:

DC Comics, a subsidiary of DC Entertainment Inc., is trying to push the Green Lantern name onto the public at large before the movie of the same name starring Ryan Reynolds reaches theaters in June of 2011. Flash is in an even earlier stage of film development, so he gets a snack cake of his own as well. However, instead of focusing on Flash’s cakes, I will instead focus on Green Lantern’s Glo Balls.

Thursday, I went on a hunt for some Glo Balls. As luck would have it I found Green Lantern’s Glo Balls resting on a shelf at a local grocery store. As you can see, there were plenty of Glo Balls for anyone who wanted to take a box home and put a Glo Ball in their mouth:

These Glo Balls were too good not to pass up, so I purchased a box and brought them to play rehearsal that night:

I offered my soft and puffy Glo Balls to my fellow thespians, but only two of them took me up on my offer. It was tempting to try these tantalizing treats as a “reward” for slimming down this past year, but after reading the ingredients I decided against it:

Yep. Beef fat in the form of animal shortening. Be careful to read those ingredient labels folks. I am sooooo glad I didn’t place Green Lantern’s Glo Balls upon my lips.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Animal Shortening?! I can't believe there is animal fat in hostess "treats!"

  2. Well, have you ever heard of someone having meatless Glo Balls?

    -Jason, AKA MM

  3. Shortening has been in Twinkies and many other baked goods, commercial or not, since there have BEEN baked goods.

  4. Yes, but not everybody thinks of baked goods as having animal fat in them--they just think of them as baked goods!

    Also, some people just assume it is vegetable oil or something else in its place. That, or they want to believe their junk food has no beef fat in it.


  5. There are so many things wrong with this...Beef fat is low on the list lol

  6. I hope you didn't eat one... bleah!

  7. Pffttt! Of course not. I just put one in my mouth for a few seconds. That doesn't count. Right? Right?