Tuesday, September 7, 2010

O Canada Part 3

Days 307 - 310

(You can read the first two parts of my Canada trip blog entry here and here.)

On day 3 of my trip to London, Ontario, we all attended a post wedding brunch at the groom’s mother’s house.

Along the way I snapped pictures of some cheeky signs:

I just love cheeky signs, don’t you?

Waiting for us at the brunch was a table loaded with cookies, pound cake slices, fruit, cheese and other goodies. I think there was some kind of meat there too but I didn’t bother taking a picture of it.

See? There were plenty of great things to eat at this social gathering that weren’t meat. And there were croissants!

Just love 'em to death—even more than snapping pictures of cheeky signs!

There was also a table with juices and coffee. And yes, it was yet another good cup of coffee that I had that wonderful weekend!

Me and my family didn’t stay that long as we got there late and the brunch was starting to wind down. We headed back to my Uncle Peter and Aunt Marlene’s and rested up for the long car trip back to the states the next day.

I had pulled off both attending my first wedding meatless and my first meatless extended trip away from home. If I can avoid meat in those social situations I will probably get along just fine in this meatless life of mine.

Some random things about Canada that I notice whenever I visit:

- I have never encountered an angry or rude Canadian. On my trip to Ottawa in 2006 for another cousin’s wedding (Scott’s bother, Brian) many strangers would randomly (or what we perceive as randomly in the U.S.?) call “Bon Jour” to me and other strangers in public.

- I don’t see too many obese people there. (Do Canadians have better eating habits than us?)

- You are more likely to get a good cup of coffee than a bad one up there. (Is the water they brew with just better tasting? What is it already?!)

- Lastly, no matter how long any visit is with my Canadian relatives it always feels too short.

O(h) Canada, I want to see you again very soon…very soon…

Pictured below are my parting gifts from my Aunt Linda and her family. Like all my Canadian relatives, they are so friendly and amazing. Thanks Aunt Linda, Uncle Bob, Fraser and Carly! Also thanks to my Uncle Peter and Aunt Marlene for letting me lodge at their place and to Scott and Lindsay for inviting me to be a part of their special day in the first place!

Talk to you soon!
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