Wednesday, June 2, 2010

George Costanza: Diet Guru?!

Days 212 & 213

Jason Alexander, the Emmy nominated actor who played George Costanza on the TV sitcom Seinfeld recently made this commercial for Jenny Craig.

30 lbs in 18 weeks? Go Jason Alexander!

Mr. Alexander has also been doing interviews about his recent weight loss such as this one.

In the above clip he mentions how Jenny Craig helped him lose all that weight and how they are one of the few weight loss programs to actually intentionally wean you off their plan once one has met their weight loss goal.

So what if a person goes back to their old eating habits anyway after being weaned off of it?
What did you do for exercise, Mr. Alexander?
Was Jenny Craig REALLY your only option?

When it comes to weight loss, I have been doing well compared to Jason Alexander:

I lost 24 lbs in almost 14 weeks.
Five weeks later, I achieved a loss of 4l lbs in just over 19 weeks.

So I may have hit the 30 lbs weight loss mark sooner than Mr. Alexander. I can’t be sure as I do not have my weight loss marked down during weeks 15 – 18. I could have beaten him to the 30 lbs mark as early as week 15 or 16. I won’t agonize myself trying to figure it out for sure.

The point is that I didn’t need Jenny Craig to tell me how many calories to digest from day to day. I just cut out meat, increased my veggies/fruits and balanced the rest of my food groups as well. After just a few days of eating well I didn’t feel as ravenous as I used to because that is what happens when one eats healthier!

Oh yeah, I exercised too! I know that the Jenny Craig plan does have an exercise component. Why aren’t you and other celebrities endorsing the Jenny Craig weight loss service mentioning that? Hmmmm?

BTW - Sara Rue, if you are reading this, I just want you to know that you are hot at any weight!

Talk to you soon!
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