Friday, February 5, 2010

Weight Update for February 2010!

Day 96

I am over a third of the way to my weight loss goal of 149 lbs!

I have lost 24 lbs since November 2nd and continue to have plenty of energy!

Here are the pictures I took today:

And here’s another bit of good news. Yesterday at the YMCA where I workout, I had my body mass index (BMI) taken. Jayne, the YMCA Fitness Director, who took my BMI for me back in December, asked how the meatless diet and blog were going and I told her of all the pounds I lost and the tremendous response this blog has been receiving. Dawn, the Physical Director, overheard this and we started up a conversation in which she asked me if I would come in and briefly speak with a weight loss group at the Y this Saturday morning. I told her I would love to and now Saturday morning the Meatless Year Blog has its first public speaking gig!

Talk to you soon!
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