Monday, February 8, 2010

The Meatless Blog’s First Public Speaking Engagement!

Day 99

On Thursday I went for my daily workout at the YMCA and afterwards got my Body Mass Index (BMI) checked. Y employee Rich took me into the office where their BMI gadget was and there we bumped into Jayne, another Y employee who had also taken my BMI back in December.

Jayne asked how my meatless year and blog were going and I inform her about the positive feedback I have been receiving from readers and that I felt extremely energetic. Yet another Y employee, Dawn, the Y’s Physical Director, came in and Jayne told her about what I was doing. Dawn then asked if I wanted to stop in to briefly speak to her weight loss group on Saturday morning during their cooking tips hour. I enthusiastically said yes.

Saturday morning came and I arrived in the Y’s community room a little before 10 am with two bags stuffed with examples of the food I’ve been eating since going meatless back in November; i.e. whole grain bread, greens salad, natural peanut butter and etc.

Soon, the room filled up and it came to be my turn to present. My three major talking points included.

Focus on losing just one pound at a time, no matter how much you want to eventually lose. This will keep you positive and focused.

There is always time to cook—even if you have to prepare and freeze meals ahead of time.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Eventually one can find the time to go price hunting in their area. There are bargains to be found in many places.

The folks in the weight loss group were very appreciative and I got to chat with a few of them after the talk. I used this time to show them up close some of the healthy foods I brought in. All in all, I loved it and Dawn may invite me back to speak with them all again.

And yes, I am available for Bar Mitzvahs too!

Talk to you soon!
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