Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three Months of Being Meatless!

Day 93

I have made it three months without eating meat!

But, when it comes to the vegan aspect of my diet, I have inadvertently cheated because so many products have egg and dairy ingredients hidden inside of them! I think I will apply the same qualification to my vegan rule that I do to my whole egg rule; if it is a mixed in ingredient it is okay. Sound fair?

That being said, I think I will probably not be continuing as a vegan when my first meatless year ends in November. I may stay veggie but being vegan is just being too picky. If one eats organic eggs and organic dairy products they are still being kind to animals so maybe that is a win-win situation. We shall see when that time comes what I will choose.

Today I feel so good. I haven’t felt bloated or drowsy after a meal in months. And I have lost—wait, let’s save that for an entry all its own later in the week.

Some friendly reminders:

- E-mail me your meatless recipes at meatlessman@yahoo.com. They don’t have to be vegan, just meatless. If you know me in the “real” world and live nearby and have a meatless recipe then e-mail me and maybe we can videotape you making that recipe and post it on YouTube! You don’t have to be a vegetarian to submit a recipe; you just have to have a meatless dish of your own!

- I am on Facebook and Twitter. Join me on there, won’t you?

- See something in one of my entries that doesn’t seem to ring true? Please call me out on it in the comments section. This blog is supposed to be informative and I try to present the information I pass on to the best of my knowledge but sometimes I do occasionally miss something. Please let me know so we can better enlighten others out there. It is a big help and very much appreciated.

Talk to you soon!
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