Friday, April 23, 2010

What is your BMI?

Days 172 & 173

No, the item in the above picture is not a new video game controller. It is, in fact, a Fat Loss Monitor. When used properly it helps estimate the percentage of body fat one has, their Body Mass Index (BMI) and what body fat range one falls in; low (underfat), normal (healthy), high (overfat) or very high (obese).

I have asked the nice people at my local Y now to measure my body fat and BMI numbers with their fat loss monitor a few times in the past few months. Finally, I figured if I was getting it checked this often anyways why not just buy a monitor of my own? So a few weeks ago I broke down and bought one and when it arrived on 4/12 I went about using it for the first time.

After programming the fat loss monitor with my sex, age, height, current weight and another factor or two that I can’t remember right now, I was ready to find out my body fat percentage and BMI. After pressing the start button I gripped the handles of the monitor and squeezed as the monitor manual instructed.

My numbers were:

22.2 FAT
24.6 BMI

When I used it again this Monday (4/19) my numbers were:

20.0 FAT
24.6 BMI

According to this chart:

I am borderline healthy/overfat for my age group, 20 – 39. It also looks like my fat went down a little while my BMI stayed the same. I didn’t know that was possible.

147 - 162 lbs is the ideal range of weight I should be according to reverse BMI calculating. This calculator here is just one of the ones I used to find that range.

At the presentation I did on going meatless at the AAPC meeting two days ago (more on how that went in a future entry), a member pointed out that muscle gain may skewer the BMI number in the future when entering weight into the fat loss monitor. This is a good question to ask the people at my local Y. Sure, I have a neat new weight loss toy but will it be useless if I obtain more and more muscle?

Talk to you soon!
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