Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend in Review

Days 153 - 158

Sorry for not updating for almost a whole week but it was a very busy Easter weekend.

First up was Good Friday dinner with my family. It was me, my parents, my brother, my sister and her husband and kids. My sister’s oldest, Cailyn, was very amused by the name of one of our table condiments: Grey Poupon. She proceeded to repeat ‘Poupon’ several times because it is very fun to say out loud. Try it if you don’t believe me. Poupon! Poupon! Poupon!

We usually have this traditional dinner at Wolfie’s Resturant in Deerfield, MA. The only difference this year that I was eating meatless and forgoing the seafood platter I usually have for a plate of Veggie Pasta!

I was so glad to find such an excellent dish at the first dinner out with my family that I’ve had since starting my meatless year back in November. The vegetables were fresh, the portion was huge and it was tasty! There was so much that I couldn’t finish it all and had enough left over in a doggie bag for another meal!

I worked out at the Y early Saturday morning then my family and I had to drive across the state for a funeral. At the post-service gathering there were some platters of cheese, cookies, fruit and veggies. They were more than very satisfying for a midday nibble and I thank my aunt and uncle for it. Everybody loved it.

On the return trip back east, my sister’s family was obsessed with stopping at the Sonic drive-in in Peabody. After two unsuccessful passes on the freeway trying to get on the same side of the street as the Sonic we pulled into the lot and made a beeline for the walk up ordering area since all the drive-in service slots were taken.

Let me explain the Sonic experience for those who haven’t been to a Sonic fast food restaurant. If you are lucky and there is a drive-in parking space you get to order right from your car and have your food delivered by young pretty girls on roller skates.

If you are not so lucky, all the drive-in slots are full, and you get to go to the walk up order area where there are several trash strewn tables and a hanging menu where you press a button and voice your order into a speaker after waiting five minutes for someone on the other end to respond. Then, a young pretty girl on roller skates comes out to deliver your order where you can get a closer look at them then you would if you were ordering from your car. Now that I think of it, this actually makes up for not being able to order drive-in style.

My sister and her family ordered a plethora of fatty fast food while I just ordered an ice coffee with cream. The pretty waitress who brought me my coffee brought me a hot one instead so I had a great opportunity to ask another pretty waitress to bring out some ice. I should have asked a third from coffee creamer since they also forgot that too. It would have been so worth it.

Easter morning came and the kids came over for Easter dinner, an Easter egg hunt and more Easter Candy in addition to the big baskets they already got at home. For those who aren’t completely clear on my thoughts on Easter candy, check out this earlier entry.

When it came time to serve the holiday meal, Cailyn spotted more Grey Poupon on grandma’s table. This elicited another round of spouting out, “Poupon! Poupon! Poupon!” Yes, it was still fun to say out loud two days later.

Shortly after the midday meal, our neighbor from across the street, Josh, brought over two jugs and a full pitcher of Berkshire Brewing Company Steel Rail Ale.

Josh, you were my hero of the weekend.

I had a glass around 1:30 pm, did some Photoshoppin’ on some pictures and then took my bike out for the first ride of the season. I tried the Turners Falls bike path for the first time and it was a wonderful experience.

After the two hour ride I returned home and had another glass of beer. Okay, three or four more. It is really good beer though!

Talk to you soon!
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  1. hahaha that was really funny. Poupon!