Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Y is my Home Away from Home.

Day 167

Since mid-December, I have been working out at my local YMCA and it has helped further my body along in its healthy transformation. Not only do I go there to workout, I go there to relax and get away from life in the outside world. Most of the people I know there are people I only know from my daily Y visits and no other areas of my life.

I do cardio seven days a week and Nautilus three (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). Since I am there everyday, I think I will do Nautilus every other day starting tomorrow. This will make it either three or four times a week depending on where the Nautilus workout days fall during a particular week.

Nautilus has been a part of my workout for exactly eight weeks now and already I have been seeing results. My chest is beginning to develop a vertical center ripple and my midsection is slimming down. Over these past eight weeks I learned more and more machines, so if I am getting these results in just eight weeks doing them three times a week without doing the whole room of machines until just two weeks ago, imagine how I will look in eight more weeks, going three to four times a week using every Nautilus machine in the room.

I have spoken about my meatless year project to a weight loss group at the Y twice and now I am giving back even more. Today I started volunteering on Saturday mornings at the Y’s front desk. I figure it’s a great way to occupy my time and even put some more experience on my resume under the “other” section.

Today from 9 am to 1 pm I answered phones, greeted Y guests, set training appointments all from this point of view:

That’s my coffee in the picture of course. I think that was my second of the three cups I had today. Coffee always makes the time pass faster but I didn’t need it in the positive, relaxing atmosphere of the Greenfield YMCA.

Talk to you soon!
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