Sunday, June 13, 2010

Old Suit, New Suit

Days 222 - 224

Last year, around this time, I decided it was finally time to get a new suit. I can’t remember the last time before that I had bought a suit—it must have been years.

That spiffy 2009 model suit served me well up until this year when, after months of exercise and a meatless diet, the pounds started dropping off until I got to the point of having lost over 50 pounds.

The above photos are of me in my old suit. See how loose it is? I look like a 10-year old wearing my father’s Sunday best—not the impression I want to make with potential employers. Anyway, I needed a new suit and I took my sister and her oldest, Cailyn, along to get a new, better fitting set of threads:

And yesterday I tried on the whole package together for the first time:

A new suit for a new body. Wow.

Talk to you soon!
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