Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Doctor’s Appointment

Days 226 - 228

Last week, I blogged on here about making a doctor’s appointment to check on my vitamin levels. On Monday at 9:20 am I showed up at my doctor’s office.

The nurse called me in almost immediately and, as the usual when seeing my primary care physician, I was led right to the scale. As regular followers of this blog know, I have lost a little weight since when I saw my doctor last fall. The nurse was quite impressed with the weight loss, we talked about my new eating habits and how I wanted to see if I had any nutritional deficiencies. We also spoke about this blog and why I was keeping it—to let others know of my experiences going meatless and to use it as a tool to help keep myself off meat.

After taking my pulse and blood pressure, she left and I waited patiently for the doctor.

When the doctor came in he also expressed his happiness over my weight loss and we discussed what I was eating—no meat, more fruits/veggies, whole grains, less dairy and less junk food. For my protein supplement I told him that beans, walnuts, whey shakes and peanut butter helped give me what would otherwise be missing in a meatless diet. I also told him about how, after reading a few articles on the general ineffectiveness of vitamins, I gave up taking multivitamins as well.

He agreed that my diet was healthy and balanced but did say that vitamin D was lacking in most people and recommended I take 1000 IUs a day.

I told him that I was taking a calcium supplement with D already and would be upping the daily dosage to meet his recommendation. The doctor didn’t see the need for any blood work.

There you have it. My diet is balanced and I didn’t even have to undergo any tests!

Talk to you soon!
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