Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“So Like Candy”

Day 143

Recent studies state that vitamins in general aren’t beneficial to one’s health. Vitamin D can actually be a positive pill to pop in your person but, on the whole, vitamin supplements don’t really do a thing for your well-being and may actually increase your risk of certain diseases. If you get enough exposure to the sun you don’t even have to take a vitamin D supplement.

Check out this recent article in Reader’s Digest.

It is always better to get vitamins in food form rather than simply swallowing a pill. Sadly, we think all our health concerns can be solved with a pill, prescription or over the counter remedy.

We live in an age where prescription drugs are advertised on TV, prompting many to approach their doctor for said drugs first rather that the doctor recommending a medication to you.

People want shortcuts to health and research keeps showing that there are none. Don’t take vitamins, get them from foods. Don’t take a diet pill, get some exercise.

Some diabetics have been known to avoid having to take insulin by changing their diet and exercising. Maybe taking care of oneself in such ways can help prevent other health problems—even alleviate some too.

Today I am stopping my daily multivitamin dose but will continue to take my calcium supplement until it runs out (it is fortified with vitamin D). I ceased taking over the counter allergy medications late last fall and now no longer need them. When my medicated allergy spray runs out I will stop taking that as well. I feel much better than I did before going meatless on November 2nd. The less I take, the better I’ll feel.

Now to work on getting more sun…

Talk to you soon!
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  1. I feel like crap when I don't take my vitamins. It's unrealistic to expect people to get all they're vitamins from their food in this day and age. Especially when the food we are sold doesn't have as many nutrients as its supposed to. I give props to all the people who take their vitamins!!

  2. I am going to try going without the multivitamin supplement and see what happens.

    I will still be taking the calcium fortified with D until that runs out.