Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gimme a Belt!

Days 141 & 142

My pants are hanging around my ankles and not in the way I want.

I have lost 41 lbs over the past four months and it shows. Today I was wearing some jeans and I looked like a 90’s era rapper. “Yo, I’m MC Draggy Drawers!”

This was with my current belt tightened all the way. So now I am looking to replace the leather belt I got back in 2008 with a new belt that will be a tighter fit.

There is just one problem with this. How do I get a belt that looks like leather but actually isn’t leather? Do they make those?

It has to look like a leather belt because I want a grownup looking belt. I don’t want a belt that looks like it can’t be taken seriously in a job interview or on a date. Where can one purchase a faux leather belt?

Going to have to look for some new jeans as well…

Talk to you soon!
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