Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Y Presentation

Days 131 - 133

Last weekend I did another presentation for the weight loss group at my local YMCA. This time I told them about the unhealthy eating habits I used to have.

I was feeling very tired that day from munching on candy and downing a Red Bull the day before. I pointed this out and one of the people in the group labeled it a “sugar hangover”.

Sugar hangover is the perfect way to state it. One of the things I have noticed since going meatless and balancing my diet is that if I eat junk food, particularly very processed junk food, I feel sluggish and a bit crappy for about 24 hours after—almost like a regular hangover but without the nausea or severe headache.

My body responds better to healthy foods and I can certainly feel it. I guess even a little bad stuff can go a long way to weighing my system down.

P.S. On a totally unrelated note, don't forget to vote in the current poll on the sidebar, "Are zoos as a whole good or bad for animals?", which ends tonight!

Talk to you soon!
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