Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thoughts on the Earthlings film

Days 127 & 128

I finally saw Earthlings a few weeks ago. It played like an expanded version of Meet Your Meat but it also focused on the other ways we misuse animals such as for research, clothing and entertainment.

I agree that animals shouldn’t be the victim of cruel experiments, abused by animal trainers or used as wallets; however, I am not in alignment with Earthling’s views on zoos.

Earthlings took the point of view that zoos in general are cruel to animals. I don’t think all zoos are cruel. Sure, some confine the animals in too small of a space but aren’t there better zoos out there with bigger spaces for the animals to roam as well?

I personally like zoos. I think they teach us to respect the animal kingdom and help protect endangered species against poachers and predators.

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