Friday, February 12, 2010


Day 103

I currently have the wallet of an eighth grade boy.

No—you don’t understand. I didn’t mug an actual eighth grade boy. The wallet is mine and I bought it fair and square with my own money.

It’s just that it’s a fabric wallet that is held closed by Velcro. It doesn’t look as mature as leather wallets do, or hold as much as one, but I decided to go with a Velcro wallet over a leather one just the same.

Standing in front of the wallet rack at my local Target a few weeks ago, I glimpsed many leather wallets that would do all the great things a first-class wallet is supposed to; carry cash, hold ATM cards, display pictures of your sister’s kids and ultimately fold up nicely to fit in your pocket.

Instead, I chose a Velcro wallet that doesn’t do all the above things as well. It just felt too Hannibal Lecter to get one made out of animal hide. I am not sure I feel the need to have animals killed just so I can have their skins contain my pocket change. Isn’t that a bit ghoulish?

Maybe that’s just me.

I try to avoid leather products where I can. Never have I truly understood the appeal of a leather jacket or a fine leather car interior. Some people do. I don’t blame them. That’s their choice.

And a Velcro wallet is my choice.

Talk to you soon.
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