Friday, February 19, 2010

Screw this vegan thing! Maybe. Sort of.

Days 109 & 110

I was at Panera Bread the other day and got a medium roast coffee. As I approached the coffee stand to fill up my cup after paying I realized that I had not asked if they had any soy milk.

Being in a hurry and not wanting to pester them for any as they were getting pretty busy, I just said, “screw it” and put in some skim milk instead.

Being vegan is just being too picky so here’s how it will go for the rest of the year:

-If there is no dairy substitute when I need some in my coffee I will just go for the least fattening creamer on hand.

-I will still avoid buying and consuming yogurt, cheese, milk and etc. but if a social situation comes up where that is all there is (such as a friend buying you pizza after you help them move in) and I am hungry then I will eat what they give me.

-And like I already established with eggs, dairy is okay if it is a mixed in ingredient such as in baked goods.

I am still doing a perfect job of avoiding beef, pork, poultry, fish/seafood and whole eggs though.

Talk to you soon!
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  1. I could never give up cheese. I love it far too much. You're a brave man.

    Society isn't very friendly to vegans, though they are becoming nicer to vegetarians.

  2. Greetings from Cape Town,
    You go man!
    Well done so far.

  3. Thanks Anonymous and thanks Juz.

    Wait 'til ya se the next entry though.