Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is it really expensive to eat healthy?

Day 113 & 114

I dedicate this entry to Jonnie M. He's a really cool guy and a friend in meatlessness.


Well? Is it truly expensive to eat healthy?

Nah, I don’t think it really is.

It may depend on whether your area has more fast food places than it does BJ’s or TJ’s. If you are stuck in an area where there are more places that sell unhealthy food cheap than places that sell healthy food cheap then you may be screwed.

But have you really looked around your area?

How do you know what is out there for food buys if you haven’t really looked around? Don’t take another person’s word for it; go and see for yourself.

Make a list of what you usually buy for food and take it with you to as many grocery stores as you can find in your area. Compare prices from store to store and see where the healthiest foodstuffs are at the best price.

Don’t have the time? I don’t believe it. Maybe not this week, but eventually you will have some spare time to look. It will be time well spent when you do. Trust me on this.

Talk to you soon!
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