Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poll Results

Days 134 & 135

"Are zoos as a whole good or bad for animals?" was the poll question and it looks like
55% of you thought they were good for animals while 44% consider them bad for animals.

This seems like a hot topic and from the comments on my Facebook page it seems like it may depend on the quality of the zoo itself and not zoos as a whole.

Speaking of Facebook, if you want to comment on this topic or any other blog topic then please put a reply in the comments section of this blog and not my personal Facebook page. Why? I want people who see this blog to see what other people think and they can’t do that if the comments are posted to my personal Facebook page where not everybody who reads this blog has access to.

Talk to you soon!
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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I wanted to comment on the poll itself, but discovered there is not really an option to do that - it only allowed a binary response. O.o

    As for zoos - I feel it not only depends on the particular facility, it also depends on the particular species. Some will thrive in captivity, others won't. I believe on your facebook page, I used elephants as an example - they generally don't do well in captivity despite the best efforts, because there simply is not enough room to mirror the vast distances elephants require in their natural habitat.

    - Jp