Friday, March 26, 2010

Available for Public Speaking Engagements

Days 144 & 145

In addition to the two healthy eating talks I have given to the weight loss group at my local YMCA, I now have a third upcoming gig at my local chapter of the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). The AAPC is an organization that educates medical coders and billers and is overall dedicated to keeping them up to date on all the latest medical coding innovations.

Last week, at the last local chapter meeting Anita, the chapter’s education officer, asked the gathered members for help in getting presenters for future chapter meetings. The presenters didn’t have to specifically present on medical coding as long as they educated others on a health related topic.

That was my cue and I gave Anita the blog’s business card and told her how I had lost 41 lbs since November 2nd and feel great. Earlier this week she e-mailed me at the blog’s official e-mail address and said she would love to have me come in and present at the next AAPC local chapter meeting on April 21st. I can’t wait to share the new and healthier lifestyle that I have adopted with my fellow medical coders.

If you are in Western Massachusetts and want me to come in and do a presentation to your club or organization on how to go meatless simply e-mail me at so we can discuss it. Healthy eating is a topic that people want to be aware of now more than ever.

Talk to you soon!
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