Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some of my Old, Unhealthy Eating Habits

Days 122 & 123

- This entry is dedicated to Pete and Deb who knew it was all bad for me at the time.

Before I went meatless I had some very bad eating habits.

I am not talking about too much meat in my diet and not enough vegetables in my diet.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Let’s go back a few years to when I was living in Chicago, shall we?

It was 2007 and I was a single guy living by himself in the Windy City. There were many good places to eat: The Melrose Diner, Reza’s, The Lincoln Restaurant, Rosebud and many, many more fine eateries.

There were also many places to buy groceries. Around the corner from me was a Jewel supermarket that was open 24/7. Access to groceries anytime I wanted was just a short walk away.

My two favorite things to buy there at any time of day or night were a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and frozen pizza.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the best hard serve ice cream ever made. Everytime I spotted a new flavor at a 7-11, Jewel or any other store that sold it I would snatch it up. Of course, I would also go out and buy a pint whenever I felt like it too.

My favorite time to eat it was breakfast. Not just a few scoops, not just half of the container but the whole thing at once!

For some reason I always felt like I had to eat the whole pint at once. B & J’s is fine ice cream but it’s not a food that makes for a healthy, balanced breakfast.

Another terrible habit was having frozen pizza for supper. Rising crust, four cheese, meat lovers were some of my favorite varieties.

And, again, I ate the whole thing in one sitting.

I would feel so drowsy after consuming the pizza yet strangely satisfied.

The above foods are okay to eat (very processed or course) but should be eaten in moderation and not everyday—maybe not even every week.

Being meatless these past four months has taught me about eating healthier foods in better portions. Now I am not as ravenous as I was when I gobbled frozen pizzas and ice cream pints whole. I don’t feel tired after a meal, actually, I feel energized!

So, glad I am not such a pig now. Hope I can keep up these healthier eating habits in the future.

Talk to you soon!
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