Sunday, April 11, 2010

All You Can Eat

Days 159 - 161

Last October I was visiting my girlfriend at the time in upstate New York. On the way up she texted me to pick up a couple of bags of Halloween candy for her. I thought she was joking.

When I arrived without the requested candy she yelled at me for it. I told her I didn’t think she was actually serious, especially because she was always the one teasing me about eating healthier.

Well, she wasn’t kidding me about the candy and she asked me again the next day to get her some. This time, not wanting any more bad vibes from her, I complied. When she came home from work and saw the assortment of 3 Musketeers, Snickers and other individually wrapped sweets, she was pleased and thanked me warmly. I had placed the candy in a plastic Halloween themed serving bowl on the edge of her kitchen counter. At least that way, everybody would see the candy upon entering her apartment and more people would pick apart candy from the container rather than just the two people living there.


I went to BJ’s two days ago to see if they had any whole flax seeds (they didn’t) and explored an aisle in a corner of the store which I had never been down before, the candy aisle.

Of course, anybody who has ever been to a BJ’s Wholesale store knows that the foods there are mostly sold in bulk. The candy aisle is certainly no exception.

As you can see in the above photo, you can get your fill of your favorite brand name candy for less than a dollar a bar.

Now in these photos,

you can see by the instructions on the back of the box that these bulk packages are intended for use by places like convenience stores or check out lanes in grocery store chains as display boxes where a customer can impulsively buy just one individual bar.

However, what is to stop a person with weight control problems and a sweet tooth from seeing these big boxes of their favorite candies at a BJ’s or Costco’s and taking home a whole bulk box or even two? We live in a culture of convenience where it is drilled into our heads that bigger means better and what you want can be procured just by getting in your car and driving 5 – 10 minutes away.

I guess buying those two bags of candy back in October wasn’t such a big deal at all now that I think about it. It was Halloween season after all and it ended up filling a communal bowl. But I think I would have been more reluctant to run that errand, even for that really special person, if it was summertime.

Talk to you soon!
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