Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blue Hair and Belly Fat

Day 165

And continuing with the “Waist Week” theme…

Last Friday, I attended an event at the Y where I workout entitled, “Fighting Belly Fat Through Nutrition”. It was held in the wonderful Y Social Room.

Imagine the above pictured room filled with rows of tables in turn filled with elderly ladies all having lunch while chatting away and you will get a good mental picture of how crowded and noisy it was in there. Before the presentation started I was assisting in cleaning up spills, helping find seats for late comers and chatting with some of the attendees about weight loss. Old people and I are tight like that.

I decided to stand in the back of the room and not partake in the lunch they served (I had a salad in a cooler in the car anyways). The nutrition consultant, Barbara Krolick, MS,RD,LD/N; spoke for about thirty minutes on some of the ways to fight fat through healthier eating.

She recommended cutting out sugar and including more fiber in addition to supplementing one’s daily meals with these following foods that are supposed to be fat fighting agents:

These foods contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are good for the heart and help burn off body fat. Note: Consuming the flax seeds in their original form is a great source of fiber but to get the additional benefit of Omega-3s they should be ground up before added to your meals.

After the presentation I went out and got the above items. Let’s see how they work.

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Talk to you soon!
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