Monday, September 13, 2010

The Mystery of Waist Not, Want Not (Revisited)

Back in April I posted my shocking discovery on how clothing sizes differed from brand to brand.

This roused many responses on my Facebook page in response. I learned through said comments that many clothing companies mislabel their clothes with the wrong sizes for marketing reasons. I did not know about this, I thought that an inch should always be an inch.

So I put up a poll about it asking "Should clothing companies be held legally responsible for misrepresenting sizes on their labels?"

The results were as follows:

68% who voted said Yes.
31% who voted said No.

Now it seems major media outlets have independently picked up on this misleading clothes sizing practice:

CBS News also has a story on it that you can check out here.

By the way, I measured my waist this morning and am now at a little under 33”. That is down from at least half an inch from when I last measured it on August 2nd. Go me!

Talk to you soon!
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