Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Friends in Meatlessness

Days 30 and 31

It has now been officially one month since I have gone meatless, November 2nd – December 2nd.

It also seems like I’m not alone in examining my eating habits!

Artist extraordinaire, Jade Arcade, has mentioned my blog in his blog at where his latest entry discusses the possibility of going meatless. He was also kind enough to post a link to this blog. Thanks Jade!

You can also visit his official website at and it’s worth the time to stop by folks.

Are you thinking about going meatless? If so then I want to hear from you. Maybe, with your permission, we can share your thoughts about cutting out meats with others who are pondering dropping meat from their diets.

Send me an e-mail at and let me know your thoughts.

Also, send me any links you have that you would like me to mention or post on the side of my blog in the links section. It doesn’t have to be food related either. Just send me an e-mail.

Talk to you soon.

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