Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pleasure or Nutrition?

Days 37-38

Do you notice how we seem to equate eating in our minds with a leisure activity just as often as we do an essential biological need?

We live in a culture where we will devour anything that we think looks good and is passed off as food. Some newspapers even lump in restaurant reviews in the same section as entertainment and live events. Eating can and should be fun but it doesn't have to be bad for you. Yet...

An Angus beef McDonald's burger topped off with Swiss cheese and bacon is very delicious but not the healthiest thing a person could consume still our culture goes mad for McDonald’s cuisine even though they know it’s loaded with unhealthiness. I think most people in America probably know the latest McDonald's slogan than where to find Afghanistan on a map!

There is a restaurant named Bernie’s in Chicopee, MA that serves a special cut of prime rib that comes in three sizes; caboose, regular and the conductor’s cut. For a pretty good price you get a lot of juicy beef, sides and a soup or salad. To give you an idea how big the cuts are let’s just say the larger cut (conductor’s) is very thick and about as wide as a your car's steering wheel. The small cut (caboose) is larger than most other place’s extra large cuts of beef and often cannot be finished it in one sitting. One can make two meals out of it!

I know that people in the food industry have to make a living too but has marketing gone too far?

“Get our pizza that has extra cheese on the top, cheese in the crust and a side cup of parmesan cheese in case you want more CHEESE!

“Our new 300-piece bucket of hot honey BBQ wings will feed a family of three—but if you have a family of four you might want to go with our 400-piece bucket!”

“You demanded and we listened! Now introducing the Bacon-Bacon Onion Ringburger! It has so much bacon and deep fried onion rings piled high on a sesame seed roll there is no room for the beef patty!”

Okay, I exaggerate but the Bernie’s cuts are really that size. No joke.

Tasty doesn’t always mean healthy and you can find healthy alternatives that taste good and are inexpensive.

I’ll tell you what some of those alternative choices can be soon when I let you know what I’ve been munching on these past five weeks. Keep reading!

Talk to you soon.

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