Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Happy Meatless 4th!

Days 240 - 245

Think about your freedom of speech on this day and be very thankful for it.

Now meditate on this: We can't force our beliefs on others; we can only inform them to the best of our abilities.

That is a very strong belief of mine. You can inform others the best you can but you can’t change their minds for them.

Being too extreme just turns others off to what you have to say. This is why I can't be 100% behind organizations such as PETA. Joining up with others and adhering to a belief system that is eventually bound to compromise who you are in some way sooner or later is not a way I want to live my life. Why would I expect others to live that way as well?

Going meatless back in November was the best thing I ever did for my health. I write this blog to share my findings with others and let them know that one can change their eating and exercise habits for the better but the choice to improve must be theirs alone.

Sharing links to news stories and videos on the world of healthy (and unhealthy) eating is another way to show others that this is a topic that is relevant more than ever in our society.

I have loved sharing my experiences going meatless and I really love it when I get an email or Facebook message from a blog reader saying that I have inspired them to eat healthier and get in shape.

Inspire with your beliefs. Don’t impose them.

Talk to you soon!
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