Friday, May 7, 2010

Looking for a film crew. Wanna volunteer?

Days 185 - 187

A few months back I was contacted by a film producer from Chicago named Chuck Kelly. Chuck has produced film projects with known talents such as David Faustino and Ed Asner. His next project is a documentary on animal abuse and after reading my blog he asked if he could interview me on film for it.

The problem is that Chuck and his crew are in Chicago and I am out in Western Massachusetts. His schedule will not allow for them to come out here to film and I currently cannot afford the time or money for a trip out to Chicago.

This being the case, Chuck and I have decided to put the word out through the Meatless Year Blog to see if any readers out here in Western Massachusetts would be willing to shoot the interview segment. Additional info from Chuck is below.

“Looking for a camera man or a small crew to donate some time to shoot for an interview for about 15 minutes for a Documentary called the "War on Animal Abuse".

The interview will be about a Western Mass writer, a lifelong meat eater who has recently gone meatless and is now blogging about it.

As the interview subject looked further into his new vegetarian lifestyle, he also found out about the abuse that animals had to suffer to die for meat production.


-You must have a 3 chip hi quality camera & good mic to record with.

-You will need to shoot in HD 24p so it matches what we have. If they shoot in SD it must be 16x9 24p.

-You will get full credit for this interview. This is a non-for-profit film

-You will not need to edit this footage; just shoot it and send us the tape for our editing.”
If you are in or near the Western Massachusetts area, meet all those above requirements and want to help out with Chuck’s project please contact him at

Talk to you soon!
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