Sunday, May 2, 2010


Days 181 & 182

As of today, May 2nd, I am at the halfway point in my meatless year.

Six months without beef, pork, poultry, fish/seafood or whole eggs.

I have lost almost 50 lbs, developed more muscle, more energy, more flexibility, feel sharper, have better digestion and overall feel GREAT!

If you asked me last year on May 2nd to give up eating meat I would have laughed in your face. These past 26 weeks have taught me better. Why didn’t I try this sooner?

I feel so much better that, come to think of it, I don’t take midday naps or sleep in on the weekends as much as I used to. Every day off that I get I look for excuses to get out of the house as opposed to finding reasons to stay in like when I was more motivated to do so over six months ago.

Taking less lazy time also means having more free awake time and I have used it well brushing up on my Adobe Creative Suite skills (as you can see in this very blog) and other creative skills.

I don’t even know if I would have stayed with an exercise program, cardio and weight training, for as long as I currently have if I was still feeling rundown from eating meat and not balancing my meals properly. To my knowledge, this is the longest and most consistent that I have stuck with a regular exercise plan—five months of cardio and the last ten weeks of those have been with Nautilus weight training!

Leaving meat out of my meals has also kept me away for the most part from fast food places such as McDonald’s and Burger King—although I still have a weakness for some sweet or buttery baked goods every now and then.

Being an even better shopper has also been another great result of becoming a vegetarian. Not only do I look for healthier foods, but I am also better at hunting down better prices on them as well!

Another interesting thing, I no longer take prescription nasal decongestants. I find that I don’t need them anymore and it is a good thing—the ones I was taking had side effects of added drowsiness and hypertension. It also saves me money by not having to shell out co-pays for those three medications every month.

Taking meat out of my diet is the best thing I have done for my physical and mental health in years. It is almost like I am a new person when in reality it is just a much, much, much improved version of the one I was (Thanks for the clarification the other day Liz).

26 weeks down and 26 more to go for this year of meatless eating!

Talk to you soon!
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  1. AWESOME! Great job! Your the man!!

  2. Thanks Rachael!

    I intend to celebrate this milestone by having 4 pieces of whole grain buttered toast.


  3. You have been selected to be on Meatless Monday Spotlight tomorrow !!!

  4. Awesome! Excellent!

    Tell me more about it!

    What is the Meatless Monday Spotlight? Do you choose it? If not then who?