Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Future of this blog

Day 361

After, “Will you stay veggie after your meatless year is up?” the question I get asked most is “Will this blog continue after your first meatless year?”


Which is why the title of this blog has been modified from "A Man Finally Eats his Veggies: A Meatless Year" to just "A Man Finally Eats his Veggies".

To reflect this change, the new and shortened name is in the beautiful Ingrid dos Santos artwork on the blog’s masthead and has now been incorporated into the blog’s Twitter page as well:

Speaking of the blog’s Twitter page, I have changed my screename on there as well. The new name is ManEatsVeggies and you can find the new location for the Twitter page by clicking here.

So far, the blog has primarily focused on my veggie eating habits but it has also talked about the other things that we put in our bodies. Don’t be surprised if you see even more food topics in this blog that don’t necessarily focus on a meatless diet. After all, dropping meat alone does not guarantee a clean bill of health.

Talk to you soon!
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