Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How should I celebrate one year of being meatless?

Day 360

How should I celebrate one year of being meatless on November 2nd?  Any suggestions?

It seems that something this important to me that has radically changed the way I look and feel should be commemorated somehow on the 2nd but how? 

I considered making my first skydive ever and videotaping it but that is something I really cannot afford right now so that is out.

And before anyone sarcastically suggests it (you know who you are) I am not going to celebrate with a hamburger, steak or anything that involves eating meat.

Any ideas?  Let me know.

Talk to you soon!", Meatless Man on Twitter
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  1. Darn it, I was going to say bacon! Why don't you celebrate by indulging in something not as expensive as skydiving, like dinner at Bela (mmm) or a nice new outfit. Bela has the most amazing vegetarian food ever.

  2. Ebru,

    I just may do that! Where is Bela? Noho?


  3. Maybe you could celebrate by starting to work on your book? Or by throwing a surprise party...

    Oh shoot. I ruined it. :(

  4. Go find a nice veg friendly restaurant in your area and top it off with a glass of champagne!