Monday, October 25, 2010

Week of Sweets

Days 356 - 358

Two Weeks Ago…

Where has my will power gone? Just look at this scale reading—look at it:

I was just 150 the week before!

Excuses to skip the gym have been turning up like mad. It feels a few days on, then one week off. It is like some ADD that I have when it comes to working out, “Alright, the nautilus room—look, a squirrel!”

Of course, these tempting treats could have been easily avoided during the course of this week:

According to this article a workout break for a couple of weeks could help ones muscles relax, especially if they are usually good at keeping a regular workout schedule and have been pushing themselves.

This week…

I am down around 150 lbs again. That is a weight I can live with. I think it is okay to fluctuate, just as long as I keep one eye on the scale and the other on my dinner plate.

Talk to you soon!
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  1. You Can DOOOOOO IITTTT! I believe in you!!

  2. Thanks so much Rachel! I hope you are well!