Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day

Day 10

Felling okay today. It’s Veterans Day so I’m not as active. That’s one reason I am not feeling high energy. I believe being active or at least engaging in an activity that uses our brain in an active manner helps the blood flow.

And of course I slept in on this holiday. Clouds also obscure the sun where I am so serotonin levels are a bit down.

Not feeling energized but not feeling drained. That’s an okay place to be especially for a middle-of-the-week holiday.

Being Veterans Day it makes me wonder what they serve our soldiers, especially in wartime, to keep them at the top of their game.

Do they eat super healthy?
Is their chow tasty?
Is it like school cafeteria food? Prison food?
Is it better than those above food line variants or worse?

I hope it’s something healthy and balanced that uses quality ingredients. Our soldiers deserve it whether one thinks war is just or not. Happy Veterans Day.

Talk to you soon.


  1. I used to date a guy in the army and asked him the same question. Basically they have non-frozen frozen dinners for when they are in the field. The packages come with a chemical-heating element that can be combined to heat the food (which does not need to be refridgerated..... sketchy....). It's things like chicken parmesean, stuff you would see in a lean cuisine. Apparently most of it is not delicious but some things are really bad. Brownies like cardboard were mentioned.

    I feel glad that I could provide you with some information, because I am loving reading about your meatless year! Thanks!
    (stumbled upon this from facebook)

  2. Jessica,

    Thanks for the positive vibes to the blog and for the info on what our people in the army are eating.

    It is too bad that they don't get the quality food they deserve but I suppose field rations don't come in gourmet class. Here's to hoping that can change for the better.