Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it Wrong to Eat Meat?

Day 9

Just over a week and I am still meatless and feeling good. I thank all the readers for their supportive comments on Facebook and in the blog itself.

Of course there are also the friends and people that are teasing and tempting me with meat products. They describe their steak dinners to me or promise to serve me succulent prime rib once my meatless year ends. They aren’t being malicious they just are having a little bit of fun while expressing that they love meat.

That’s great because I love meat too! I feel better physically not having it but I have nothing against the taste of it or the people that eat it. I’m not doing it to make a political point either. While I do think there are more humane ways the beef and poultry industries could treat their livestock, I don’t think the killing and consumption of animals is necessarily evil.

I have been told, “We have incisors for a reason” and there is such a thing as a food chain. Yeah, I can buy into all that.

I’m just doing this to see how it improves my health folks. So far so good.

In short, I believe carnivores and vegetarians have good reasons for choosing what they eat. A individual has the right to choose what they put on their plate.

However, trying something different once in a while never hurts. Just a thought.

Talk to you soon.

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