Thursday, August 5, 2010

Over 5000 Visits!

Day 277

Dear Meatless Blog,

How have you been? I know our relationship has been suffering lately, as I have only been able to see you mostly on Mondays for the last month. Yes, just once a week I have been updating you and it is true that you deserve more of my attention and—not to change the subject, but did you see the pretty flowers I bought you?

No! No! I am not cheating on you with another blog! How could you even think that?! No, no—I got them for you because I love you and I wanted to do something special for you.

Okay...the truth.

I really got them for you because I felt guilty about
not remembering our 9 months meatless anniversary until the day after—but it doesn’t mean I love you any less—it is just that I have been very busy lately! Now I have free time again and I can spend it with YOU baby!

Don’t fold your arms and look away! Not today! We have reached over 5,000 blog visits as of yesterday! It is true! Happy 5,000 Visits!

Sigh, yes, I know we could have gotten here much sooner if I updated more in the past month but wait until you see what the next entry will be! You will not be able to keep your hands off of me after that!

Now let’s go off to the bedroom and type…


P.S. I will REALLY make it up to you tomorrow! It is a Friday after all…
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