Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Will and Acceptance

Days 290 - 296

Back? Yes, I am back from a weekend trip to—oh, now that would be telling now wouldn’t it? I will tell you all about the trip in the next entry. Maybe, hee hee.

Well, 42 weeks down and only 10 more to go to complete this meatless year, the first of many. I can’t believe I have gone almost 300 days without eating meat. To me, what is even more amazing is how much I really don’t miss it. Sure, sometimes when I smell it or see it up close I will actually salivate but I never truly crave meat beforehand, either actively or passively. I don’t sit around looking forward to an evening’s steak dinner or looking forward to a weekend BBQ’s grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.

Have you ever had a special food or dish on vacation that you loved but knew while you were consuming it you would most likely never taste of it again? You had to try to accept that this exotic dish would probably never be a part of your life again for reasons that they didn’t or just couldn’t make, sell or grow this amazing food or food dish where you were living at the time.

You know what occurred after that? You got over it and moved on. It may have taken minutes, hours, days or even weeks but you accepted the fact that that certain combination of succulent ingredients or special singular food would most likely never traverse your palette again.

Meat however is readily available all across America. I can have it anytime I want it. Most grocery stores carry a wide variety of your favorite cuts of meat, fresh or frozen. Twenty-four hour diners and even some fast food places make it easy to get a cheeseburger at any time of the night. I have accepted the fact that eating meat is no longer a part of my life and probably never will be again.

Amazing what someone can do without when one makes a real effort to actually do without it.

Lastly, here is a hint where I went this weekend:

Talk to you soon!
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