Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So What’s Next?

Days 279 - 282

First off, I thank you all very much for the extremely kind words and congratulations on my reaching my weight loss goal last week. I could not have done this without the advice and support of the blog’s many readers. Once again, thank you all.

Aside from the congratulations and compliments on my trimmer frame, many people have been asking me what is next—some even wondering if this is the end of the blog.

Why would it be? I started going meatless on November 2nd of last year and fully intend to continue chronicling this meatless year which has now become what I hope to be my first meatless year of a meatless life. Much like on that first day last autumn when I started giving up beef, chicken, pork, fish/poultry and whole (unprocessed) eggs, meeting the weight loss goal is a new beginning of sorts. I have now taken off the excess weight I don’t need so what do I do with what is there?

Keep reading the blog people. Weight loss is just one aspect of this whole meatless matter but it is not everything by far. Still, it is nice to be fit and trim!

Talk to you soon!
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  1. Damn it Jason! And I thought you were going to end these shananigans by entering a hot dog eating contest on Nov. 3rd.

    Or one better....start a a new blog called "Adventures in Canabalism: A man finally eats his neighbors."

    One serious question: how do manage to feel full eating a vegetarian diet?

    And congrats on reaching your goal weight man!

  2. Bwahahahaha!
    Y'know, if I did do a "Adventures in Cannibalism: A man finally eats his neighbors." blog it would give me so many great excuses to drop Hannibal Lecter references left and right. But, it would be a hard blog to do because I would have to accomplish an on-the-run lifestyle where I’d always have to be 3 steps ahead of the law. Running from the coppers may sound fun to you adventurous types out there but I have a strong suspicion that it would seriously put a damper on any kind of decent social life. Alas, the cannibal blog isn’t do-able. Sorry Ted.

    How do I feel full on a vegetarian diet? Well, eating healthier has taught me not to eat until I feel stuffed or, even just plain full. I aim to eat until satisfied nowadays but not to the point of being stuffed/full. And, there are plenty of foods out there that can make one feel full without having to rely on eating meat.

    Take a look around your pantry and experiment folks.