Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Dog Days of—January?!

Days 85 and 86

The people I live with have gone away on vacation so I have free reign of the house. This means spending long hours into the night working on resumes, sending out resumes, developing a writing portfolio, watching Conan’s classy last week (and DVRing Letterman’s jibes at Leno), promotion for this blog, planning new and separate blogs and other random bits of business.

Even though I am being productive on those fronts I have neglected to go to the YMCA for over a week and my eating habits have been thrown way out of whack. The result? I feel sooooo crappy.

It started Sunday night with coughing and a stuffy nose but I am feeling a little better now. Could this have been the consequence of the week-long interruption of my daily routine or did I just catch this cold that’s been going around? Anybody else out there have any thoughts on this?

Anyway, it’s more tea and rest for me. Nighty-night.

Talk to you soon!
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