Monday, January 18, 2010

Was Martin Luther King a vegetarian?

Days 78

I cannot find conclusive evidence on the internet to show if Martin Luther King was a vegetarian or not. Is there anybody out there that knows the answer with certainty and has conclusive evidence to back it up?

If he wasn’t meatless then would Martin Luther King have been a vegetarian if he had lived?

I believe the answer would be: yes.

How could a compassionate man like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. not eventually add animal rights to his compassionate causes if he wasn’t in that area already?

If he wanted equality for all living beings I believe he would not put up with what is going on in today’s slaughter houses—something that is cruel to animals as well as to the people who work there; many of those workers being minorities, impoverished people, or both.

His widow, Coretta Scott King, became a vegetarian so I am assuming that Dr. King would have started an animal flesh free diet sooner or later as well.

Curiosity aside,

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

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