Friday, January 8, 2010

Some of the Food I’ve Been Eating, Part 2: Bread/Grains

Day 68

My mistake, “Some of the Food I’ve Been Eating” will be a 5 part series. In yesterday’s entry I forgot to mention the Bread/Grains group!

For breads and grains, I most often get them from brown rice and whole wheat/whole grain breads. I personally recommend going with anything that is whole grain or of the brown variety. If it is white chances are it is just a filler, something that just fills you up. Yes, while white rices, white flours and white breads are certainly not as unhealthy as eating junk foods or meats, I believe that you will get more fiber and better nutrition from brown and whole grain varieties. Plus, I think that whole grain or whole wheat bread tastes so much better than white bread! The brand of whole grain bread that I buy is so good and tasty that when I toast it the inside remains soft. This makes for some of the most delicious and most fun to chew toast I’ve ever had in my life—moist and crispy at the same time!

What I also love about bread is that you can freeze a loaf and then when you thaw it out later it can be just as good as the day you bought it. This comes in handy when there is a sale on bread and you want to buy a few extra loaves without worrying about them going bad.

When I make brown rice I use my rice cooker. What I love most about using my rice cooker is that I can just add brown rice, mix in some spices and tomato sauce and then let it cook. The cooker makes it so I don’t have to constantly stir it and that leaves me free for other things like writing this blog.

Usually, I cook a 48 oz bag all at once and divide it up into 12-21 small Gladware (Yeah, I know, I will capitalize Gladware, but not tupperware. Don’t judge me too harshly.) containers. Some get refrigerated and some get frozen. Like freezing bread, this can help you stretch out your food supply and makes your grocery dollars go farther. Need a side dish in a hurry? Just go to the freezer and take out a container of the brown rice, heat and serve.

Six servings a day is what I do for the Bread/Grains group. That’s six slices of whole grain bread for me and I eat them at a rate of two slices a meal. According to the food pyramid, one 4 oz. serving is about what one should have with every meal so I am actually eating more servings than I should. I just can’t help myself. I just love a good slice of toast (or two).

Talk to you soon!
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