Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some of the Food I’ve Been Eating, Part 4: Vegetables

Day 70

I have increased my intake of vegetables ever since going meatless. Eating fresh fruits and fresh veggies makes me feel good after eating them. I don’t feel sluggish after consuming them and they are a great source of fiber.

Even though I did promote eating whole fruits and I still believe that unprocessed veggies are best as well, I do often drink Low Sodium V8. Somewhat better than fruit juice because vegetable juice is not loaded with sugars, however, they are loaded with sodium. This is why I drink the low sodium kind. Why do I drink it in a can form at all? Because it is convenient, V8 gives you nutrients from more than one vegetable, V8 stays better longer than actual veggies and it fits in my budget better. I am eating better but I am not a millionaire folks.

Frozen vegetables are okay, if you have no other alternative. Canned foods are probably the worst way to eat veggies. Why? In the canning and preservation process they lose their true freshness. Next time you have veggies from a can note their faded color and compare the taste of it with actually eating the same vegetable frozen or fresh. There is a difference. Want to see something that will really gross you out? Open a can of spinach, it looks like it was already digested; it is devoid of color and firmness. If you have any cans of spinach at home give them to somebody you don’t like. It’s the best way I can think of to say, “You suck”.

I also enjoy eating green salads or uncooked spinach. Cooked spinach is a nice tender treat, but it shrinks down and loses vitamins while cooking. Like most veggies you’ll get the most out of them uncooked. Wash them, core them, slice them but cooking them will deplete them of those important vitamins and minerals.

On a different subject, check out a thing called “Meatless Mondays” by clicking here. A fellow named Chuck Kelly started it and I will tell you more about him tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!
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