Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some of the Food I’ve Been Eating, Part 5: Meats/Proteins

Day 72

As the people who know me best are aware of, I love meat. Even though I am meatless for the year, I still can’t deny the fact that meat tastes great. It is succulent and savory. You can bake it, fry it, broil it, grill it outdoors and spice and slice it anyway you want. How can something so flavorful pose such a health hazard?

Well, besides the fact that consumption of meat can increase one’s chances of heart disease and cancer, there is this other factor to be aware of as well.

Better living through chemistry? No thanks.

The minuses of eating meat far outweigh the risks for me. In addition to the above negatives associated with eating meat, there are other factors one should consider as well. The meat industry’s treatment of the animals it uses in production is simply deplorable. I covered this in an earlier entry. Go see for yourself. I’ll wait.

Sad isn’t it? There are also environmental concerns such as the high emission of greenhouse gases from livestock production and the industry’s vast consumption of grain, water and fossil fuels that could be better spent elsewhere on our planet.

I also feel the best I have in years since dropping meat from my diet. My energy levels are up and I am taking off the extra pounds (I have shed 16 lbs. as of this writing).

With all these factors coming into play why would I ever want to go back to eating meat? And, with plenty of other, healthier foods to choose from: natural peanut butter, legumes and more that give me most of the vitamins and nutrients found in meat, I don’t have to!

If you are reading this blog right now and want to drop meat from your diet, then do it! What have you got to lose?

Talk to you soon!
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  1. Have you tried out different kinds of nut/seed butters yet? Peanut butter is always great (except for people with peanut allergies) but I've enjoyed almond, cashew, soynut, and sunflower seed butter (I've having the latter with apples right now) a lot. The price and consistency can vary...Trader Joe's and Whole Foods usually have store brands.

    The cost of beans has gone up the last couple years but they're still quite cheap. Mexican, Indian, and Asian groceries have a great variety of dry beans. I make them on the stovetop but I know there are easier ways to cook them in a slow cooker or pressure cooker.

  2. I went shopping today at a place named Foster's and saw some almond butter on the shelf. It was a half-pound job and it was $9 dollars. Holy moly!

    I am sure all the alternatives to PB are very tasty but I just can't find them at a reasonable price.

    I will keep on lookin' for sales and bargins on them though.